Black Rose

A VIP Experience in San Diego CA

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Black Swan Gondola Presents Black Rose | A VIP Experience

Are you looking to take your Gondola ride to the next level? The Black Swan Gondola Company presents Black Rose, an exclusive Premium Experience in San Diego CA unlike anything else on the market.


Every one of these Premium Experiences is unique as each is hand crafted to fit you and your desires. The creation of your Gondola ride is a mutual experience. When you join our exclusive circle we want to invite you in and learn about you so we can fill your night (or day) with special surprises.


All premium experiences come with an exclusive host for the evening (or day). Your host will be one of our Master Gondoliers, often our owner, who takes you out for an unforgettable adventure. Due to the custom nature of these premium experiences we only do a couple a month. Extremely limited availability. Please join our waitlist using the form to get started!

Why Black Rose?


Black roses are loved for their mysterious yet elegant appearance. They were used as a symbol within the Sicilian mafia to send a hidden message that could not be detected. It is this secrecy that symbolizes the nature of our Premium Experience, creating an intimacy of the unknown that must be witnessed first hand.


The black rose can symbolize many different events and the context of how it is used shows what the person intended to communicate. While many consider it a dark symbol, we use the black rose for the other side of its’ meaning, as a symbol of new beginnings. A gift for you or a special someone starting a new chapter in life.


The Black Rose VIP & Premium Experience in San Diego CA presents a secretive new experience, unique to you and your desires. We invite you to join us to start a new tradition or new beginning of your own.


Prices Starting at $500


Please Note: Extremely limited availability. Due to their custom and exclusive nature, we ask that Black Rose premium experiences be scheduled a minimum of two weeks in advance to ensure optimal planning. Some exceptions can be made, but please note that all of the options may not be available if scheduled inside of two weeks. Must be 21 & Over.

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