How To Win A FREE Cruise

Want to win a FREE cruise? Here’s how!

Do you know somebody that:

  • Deserves a break in life, and a relaxing Gondola ride with their loved ones is exactly the break they need and deserve?
  • Someone who is selfless and always gives back, or thinks of themselves last?
  • Or maybe one of our brave soldiers on deployment who happens to be returning soon and would love to SURPRISE their loved ones?
  • Maybe a romantic couple who was separated by distance for an extended period of time and are almost ready to reunite?


Help us help them, and in return, we can help YOU. Together, let’s make someone very happy! Let’s unite to make a memory that will last lifetime. If you nominate someone and we choose them out of the many nominations, YOU too will receive a free gondola ride for you and your loved ones.


We’re in the business of spreading joy, help us get to work!


Thank you and much appreciated,
Drew (The Gondolier)

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