Gondola Boat For Sale

Gondola Boat For Sale

Finding an authentic Venetian Gondola boat for sale is a hard thing to come by. Don’t worry though, you’re in the right spot! We are the number one resource for providing Italian Gondolas in the United States, and we have an array of gondola boats for sale to choose from.


Do you have access to a small body of water such as a lake, bay, or pond and want a few Venetian Gondolas to ferry around your guests? Or maybe your parade float would really stand out with a Venetian Gondola and Gondolier gliding by on a trailer.


At Black Swan Gondola, we’ve got you covered. We are ready, willing and able to help you find the Gondola boat that’s perfect for you. From personal water crafts to small businesses, to even large orders to maximize your fleet, we will help ensure your endeavor a success. We have executed numerous events and would love to be part of yours!

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A Variety of Venetian Gondolas Boats For Sale

Venetian Gondolas Boats for Sale Options.


  • Authentic Full-Size Venetian Gondolas: Experience traditional Venetian craftsmanship with our rowing gondolas, perfect for genuine gondola rides.
  • Compact Venetian Gondolas: Ideal for smaller waterways or spaces, offering the charm of Venice in a more manageable size.
  • Electric Venetian Gondolas: Modern meets tradition with our electric motorized gondolas, combining classic beauty with contemporary convenience.
  • Racing Gondolas (Gondolinos): Designed for speed and competition, these sleek gondolas offer an exhilarating way to enjoy the water.
  • Event Prop Gondolas: Elevate your events with our prop gondolas, providing a picturesque backdrop or centerpiece.


With Black Swan Gondola the options are endless. We look forward to helping you achieve your gondola ride goals!

How Much Does A Gondola Cost To Buy?

“How much does a gondola cost to buy?” is a question we often encounter from businesses and individuals intrigued by the elegance and unique experience a gondola brings. The cost of purchasing a gondola varies significantly based on several factors, including craftsmanship, authenticity, and customization options. Authentic Venetian gondolas, handcrafted in Italy with traditional methods, represent the pinnacle of gondola artistry and, as such, command a premium.


For those seeking a more cost-effective solution, replica gondolas and modern electric versions offer the timeless experience of a gondola ride with a range of prices to accommodate different budgets. Our selection includes everything from historically accurate pieces to innovative, eco-friendly models, ensuring we can meet the specific needs and investment levels of all our clients.

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Gondolier For Hire

Expanding the potential uses of gondolas for different events and media purposes:


  • Elevate Entertainment and Sets: Create a captivating ambiance in movies, video productions, or photography projects, enhancing your commercial, TV drama, or social media series with unique Venetian charm.
  • Innovative Service Point: Ideal as a unique cocktail or bar station at high-end weddings or items showcase at a fashion launch, offering more than just aesthetics but also a fashionable venue highlight.
  • A Canvas for Your Culinary Creations: Premier your next event with a gondola catering experience that’s as delightful as your art. Whether a reception or art gala, transform the gondola into a spectacular d’oeuvre setting.
  • Documentary or Production Backgrounds: A real game-changer for venues used in vlogs, breakfast specials on your adventure-themed lifestyle channel, or YouTube travels, a mystery segment requiring a heart-stopping sight.
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gondolas boats for sale

Lean More About Our Gondola Boats For Sale

Interested in owning a piece of Venetian elegance? Whether for personal enjoyment, business use, or as a unique addition to your events, our selection of gondola boats offers something truly special. To learn more and discuss your specific needs, please complete the brief form below. We’re excited to help you find the perfect gondola.

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