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5 Things You Need To Know About The #1 Holiday Lights Cruise in San Diego

5 Things You Need To Know About The #1 Holiday Lights Cruise in San Diego

What are the 5 Things You Need To Know About The #1 Holiday Lights Cruise In San Diego?

Each holiday season, do you and your family find yourself squished in the car, driving down every street in search of a perfectly decorated house? If so, you know what a pain it has become. The kids keep getting bigger, the car stays the same size, and the neighborhood puts up the same decorations as years prior.

So what do you do? This year, it’s time to start a new family tradition!!! You’re invited to join for a holiday gondola ride at Black Swan Gondola in North County San Diego! The famous Holiday Lights Cruise won’t leave you cramped or bored with the same-old decorations. Come experience a winter sleigh ride the venetian way!

11 months out of the year, Black Swan Gondola specializes in anything that involves a “Cheers!.” From first dates to 5oth wedding anniversaries and everything in between, there’s a gondola ride specializing in it. However in December, many families return to experience their new Holiday Lights Cruise tradition. A path is brightly laid out for the holiday gondola ride as the decorated home’s reflection sits still atop tranquil lake waters.

Here are the 5 Things You Need To Know About The #1 Holiday Lights Cruise In San Diego:


1. Make sure you book your reservation at least three weeks in advance. The Holiday Lights Cruise is their most popular time of the year so plan accordingly!

2. Wear your Holiday Sweater and don’t forget your hot cocoa. Not only is it festive, but it also keeps you warm and cozy.

3. Bring your favorite snacks (Gondoliers never say no to a delicious sugar cookie!)

4. To make sure you get your full time on the water, don’t forget to arrive 15 minutes early for your check-in. They always have to be back for the start of the following reservation.

5. All good memories should be captured! Don’t forget to charge those camera batteries.

While not necessary, some great bonus features to the Holiday Lights Cruise is the array of enrichments that can be added to enhance your holiday gondola ride. Something as cozy as a Venetian style blanket, or as unique as a Message in a Bottle.

Now that you know about this hidden gem of an experience, you can start planning your new holiday tradition at BlackSwanGondola.com/holiday-lights-cruise. 

Holiday Light Cruise spots are now available, click here to reserve yours before your desired date sells out!

Want to stay up-to-date with the latest news and offers? Follow Black Swan Gondola on Instagram, send in a DM and you’ll be told how to get $20 off!

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