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Rowing Club of San Diego

Venetian Gondola Rowing Class


The only one in the United States!

What To Expect:

Learn How To Row A Venetian Gondola

We transported the magic of Venice’s iconic Gondolas all the way to the U.S.! For years, the secrets of navigating these ancient vessels have been closely guarded, but now we’re breaking tradition and inviting you to learn this centuries-old art form. It’s time to embark on an extraordinary journey and acquire a skill that sets you apart.





  • Private classes for 1-2 people
  • Class Duration: 8 Hours (split into 4, 2-hour time blocks)
  • Introduction into Venetian history and why Gondolas came to be
  • Hands-on-learning beginner rowing techniques
  • Docking
  • Personalized scheduling for subsequent classes after your first lesson
  • On the water within the first :30 minutes!


Click here for available date & time options for your very first lesson!

Venetian Gondola Rowing Class
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The Only One Of Its Kind!

This is the first-ever & only Venetian Gondola rowing class in the entire USA, a rare opportunity that’s not for the faint of heart. These magnificent boats weigh between 1000 – 2000 lbs, and yes, the stories are true – they have no engines! Your goal will be rowing with finesse though, not brute strength. Don’t worry if you’re not a muscle-bound athlete; it’s about balance and body awareness.



Our experienced instructors will take you on a captivating voyage, sharing the rich history and cultural significance of these fascinating watercrafts. Discover why Gondolas are asymmetrical, and the intriguing tale behind the iconic “Ferro” – the front blade. You’ll also learn how Gondoliers can only row off the right-side rear of the boat and still go in a straight line. Safety and essential techniques are part of the journey, ensuring you’re well-prepared for this unique experience.

Learn to row a venetian gondola
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Why Take This Class?

Well, aside from learning an extraordinary skill, completing our course earns you the privilege of renting our Gondolas for your personal fitness pursuits. Picture yourself gliding gracefully through the waters, the sun on your face, and the wind in your hair – the ultimate workout experience, right!?



  • Perfect for couples, parent-child duos, or workout buddies.
  • Great for a wide range of ages & fitness levels!
  • No past experience required.
  • A rewarding challenge that requires commitment, but the satisfaction is unparalleled.
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What Happens After Course Completion?

Welcome to the exclusive Venetian Gondola Rowing Club!


Congratulations, you’ve mastered the basics! For those truly passionate about this art, we extend a coveted invitation to our Venetian Gondola Rowing Club. Experience weekly workouts, additional training, and exciting social events geared towards the fitness enthusiasts. Plus, for the adventurous souls, there’s even a chance to compete in Venice’s famous “Vogalonga” regatta – a 20 mile Gondola race through the canals of Venice, Italy!



Exclusive Membership Benefits:


  • Reserve your very own Gondola to practice as many times a month as you’d like. (1 hour intervals)


  • You’ll receive a one-time 50% off promo code for a Gondola cruise for you and up to four guests with one of our talented Black Swan Gondoliers at the helm! Treat yourself to a memorable experience whether it’s a special anniversary, birthday, or just time spent with family on the water – the choice is yours!


  • 25% off all traditional Black Swan Gondola tour options during length of membership. (Our famous Holiday Lights Cruise, Valentine’s Week Cruise, and Gift Certificates included)


  • The opportunity to join our American team for the Vogalonga regatta in Italy.


  • And that’s not all! As a symbol of your achievement, you’ll earn your very own Gondolier stripes – a badge of honor!
rowing club san diego
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Interested In Your Very First Lesson?

Browse our calendar of availability and choose the date of your very first lesson!

All subsequent lessons will be scheduled on the dock after lesson 1.



  • Fill out the Questionnaire. (payment not required)
  • Schedule a Welcome Call.
  • The Welcome Call is a place for any and all questions you may have before committing to the class!
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