Your enchanted gondola wedding awaits!

It’s the biggest day of your life and your forever story should be unforgettable!

A Gondola Wedding is the perfect celebration!

Specializing in romance, we’ve created a gondola wedding package unlike anything you’ve ever seen. If you’re looking to have a wedding on a boat, there is not a more romantic setting than cruising through the scenic landscape of San Diego by a fleet of Gondola rides.


We offer a customizable wedding on a boat that is truly special and unique to you. Enjoy your intimate gondola wedding from cool winters to hot summers and everything in between.

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Let Us Paint The Picture For You

The next chapter of your life begins as soon as you step off the dock and onto one of our traditional Venetian Gondolas. Your wedding ceremony will take place completely by boat! Throughout your ride you’ll be immersed in the picturesque nature of our beautiful San Diego lake community.


Often times we are surrounded by Black and White Swans, nature, a gorgeous gushing fountain and a luxurious island. Lake San Marcos is also home to a hotel, two restaurants, and even hundreds of houses on the water. You’ll feel miles away from the hustle and bustle of city life as you are transported to the tranquility that is our North County, San Diego hills and lakeside community.

Wedding on a Boat | Black Swan Gondola Company
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Wedding Ceremony on a Boat

Mid- Gondola Ride Ceremony

Halfway through your gondola ride we’ll stop rowing the Gondolas and float with both boats side by side. Officiant, Bride, Groom and a few special others in one boat, with your wedding party or even family in the other. These elopements are intimate and meant for people who dream of a smaller wedding.


This is the time for the Bride and Groom to stand while letting the Officiant do what they do best. Only mere feet from your friends and family you’ll look into each other’s eyes, surrounded by nature and give your vows. After the big “I do’s!” your Gondola ride experience will keep going throughout the rest of our scenic Lake San Marcos.

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A Wedding On A Boat Like No Other

We have mastered an intimate wedding on a boat. Although we have already crafted perfect gondola wedding experience, our packages can be customized and tailored to fit your needs. We have a variety of options and add-ons we’d love to discuss with you. Even options like giving mini gondola cruises to your guests who weren’t part of the initial wedding on a boat ceremony.



Begin planning your special day by emailing weddings@blackswangondola.com or filling out the form!


We look forward to helping you plan your special day!

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    We have a variety of gondola cruise options in addition to our gondola wedding experience and we invite you to view them on our pricing page. Each comes with an amazing Gondolier who will ensure you have a first class experience as you tour the serene waters of Lake San Marcos drinking some vino (wine *no corkage*), listening to music and gazing the black swans who inspired our namesake.


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