Gondolas For Rent

Are you setting up an Italian themed experience and need gondolas for rent? Do you have access to a small body of water such as a lake, pool, or pond and want a few Gondolas to ferry around your guests? Or maybe your parade float would really stand out with a Venetian Gondola and Gondolier gliding by on a trailer.


At Black Swan Gondola, we’ve got you covered. We are ready, willing and able to travel to you and help ensure your event a success. We have executed numerous off-property events and would love to be part of yours!


Gondolas For Rent:

  • Your next commercial or movie
  • As a bar for your wedding or event
  • To film your reality TV or YouTube show
  • To ferry your guests
  • As a thematic backdrop to your gala


With Black Swan Gondola the options are endless! We look forward to helping you achieve your event goals. Even if you are not in the area, in most cases, we will come to you!

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Rent A Gondola in San Diego CA
Gondolas For Rent in San Diego CA
Gondolas For Rent in San Diego

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Please use the form to send us a message with your date and description of your vision for your event. We look forward to hearing from you and will be sure to promptly get back to you.


When describing why you want to gondolas for rent, please give us as many details as possible. Please include items about your event such as: how many guests, the desired use, do you need a Gondolier, have your own staff, trailer access, and where you intend the have Gondola(s) located. For example: a body of water, stage, parade route, on the lawn, etc.

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