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Valentine’s Day

The Perfect Valentine's Day Idea... A Romantic Gondola Cruise

Looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day idea? Join us for romance imported directly from Italy!

Our gondolas, imported directly from Venice, Italy, help create a perfect, romantic and memorable Valentines Day! We have expertly crafted a Valentine’s Day experience for two that will make your significant other feel special and loved!


Let the Venetian romance take over as you sit back, relax, and enjoy each other’s company as we glide down our beautiful lake.

The Most Romantic Valentine's Day Idea | Venetian Gondola Ride

Valentine’s Day Cruises – $299

❤️  Love Is In The Air!  ❤️


For Valentine’s Day Week – February 12-16, 2024
For A Cruise Up To Four Guests
**9pm and later cruises $500 and subject to availability

Pricing includes:


  • A private boat ride for up to four (kids and double-dates welcome)
  • Cruise duration 50 minutes
  • No Corkage fee (you may bring wine and a picnic basket full of goodies!)
  • Romantic music aboard
  • Classically trained Gondolier


Note: 100 % Non Refundable. 

Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year and we’re here to help you make it an unforgettable day for years to come. 


At The Black Swan Gondola Company we turn Valentine’s Day into almost a week’s long celebration, starting on Tuesday and continuing through Sunday. Each of these cruises is extra special just like your loved one, and we can’t wait for you to experience our Valentine’s Day cruise!


Don’t be left without a great Valentine’s Day! Join us February 13th-18th as we show off the amazing features of North County San Diego’s hidden gem of a romantic experience.

The Perfect Valentine's Day Idea | A Gondola Cruise
Valentine's Day Date Idea | Romantic Valentines Day

Still not sure about this Valentine’s Day idea?


Each cruise comes with an amazing Gondolier who will ensure you have a first class experience as you tour the serene waters of Lake San Marcos; snuggling under the blankets, listening to music, and gazing at the Black Swans who inspired our namesake.


The video and photos above give you a glimpse of what to expect from this romantic experience… To secure your Valentine’s Day cruise please click the “Book Now” below! 

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