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Welcome to our group Gondola cruises!

(Benvenuti nel nostro gruppo di crociere in Gondola!)

Groups!? We love groups! At Black Swan Gondola we have amazing cruises that are more fun than your typical San Diego group events. Bring your friends, family and loved ones!

Have fun with your friends and/or family with an unforgettably day or evening on the water with us!


At the Black Swan Gondola Company we know how to turn a casual boat cruise into a fun and memorable experience. (no corkage helps!) Our signature group cruises and amazing add-ons will give you first class treatment on the beautiful waters of this hidden gem of a lake in North County San Diego* and leave you wanting more.


We love to show off the amazing features of Lake San Marcos and its wonderful, you guessed it, Black Swans! Come join us today and experience the best and newest activity to hit the San Diego area.

*The Black Swan Gondola Company is operated on Lake San Marcos


San Diego Group Events shouldn’t be boring, take yours up a notch and join us for a group Gondola cruise!

Gondola Ride San Diego | Brunch in San Diego | San Diego Group Events


Our Morning and Brunch Cruise


Pricing includes a cruise for UP to four

For Morning Cruises

Cruise duration is 50 minutes

Gondola Ride San Diego | The Gondola Company | Black Swan Gondola


Our Classic Afternoon Cruise


Pricing includes a cruise for Up to four

$20 for each additional person

Cruise duration is 50 minutes

Starry Eyed Surprise | Gondola Rides by Black Swan Gondola


A late-night cruise beneath thousands of stars


Pricing includes a cruise for two

For Late Evening Cruises

Cruise duration is 50 minutes

The Next Big Thing in San Diego Group Events!


Each cruise comes with an amazing Gondolier who will ensure you have a first class experience as you tour the serene waters of Lake San Marcos drinking some vino (wine *no corkage*), listening to music and gazing the black swans who inspired our namesake.


The photos above give you a glimpse of what to expect! So to secure this incredible cruise please click the “Book Now” below! 

Get this fun and unique group experience today!

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