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Lake San Marcos | Home of The Black Swan Gondola Company

Lake San Marcos is a sunny destination where you can relax and unwind under the California sun. And if you are looking for a romantic or relaxing activity in the San Diego area then a cruise with The Black Swan Gondola Company on this delightful lake could be just what you are looking for! To help you plan your excursion, we’ve put together this short Lake San Marcos guide/history to help you begin your discovery of this hidden gem of a lake in North County San Diego.

Lake San Marcos | Old Sailing Photo

Where is Lake San Marcos?


Lake San Marcos is located on the outskirts of the city of San Marcos, California. This resort spot is  just over half an hour’s drive from downtown San Diego. It is also just minutes away from the beaches of the Encinitas and Carlsbad areas. The lake is a destination for vacationers and stay-cationers alike with amazing vistas, golf and waterfront dining and villas thanks to our friends at the Lakehouse Hotel and Resort.

Lake San Marcos Back in the Day

The History


San Marcos Lake was created back in 1946, when some local landowners built a dam on the San Marcos Creek. These local landowners, the Clemson and Wells families, later sold the land to new owners, the Frazar brothers, in 1962. They doubled the size of the lake and really put it on the map, turning the locality into an award-winning, planned, lakeside community. Since then, the community has gone from strength to strength, and many people have fallen in love with the picturesque lake and its surroundings.

Map of Lake San Marcos

Why Come to Lake San Marcos?


While the area around the lake is popular with retirees, it is also a place that has something to offer for those of all ages. It is surrounded by a wide range of shopping, entertainment and dining options. This makes it a popular place to live, as well as to visit, with a pleasant atmosphere that anyone can enjoy.

This pleasant lakeside community may seem a world away from the canals of old-world Venice. But Lake San Marcos does share certain things in common with that Italian city in its peacefulness and waterfront living. At the Black Swan Gondola company we offer gondola cruises on the lake. With our cruises we strive to evoke the spirit of the most romantic of cities, Venice, while showcasing the picturesque charms of this lakeside community.

We invite you to learn more about us or check out our gondola cruises here. We look forward to treating you to a special evening on the water.

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