Unique Marriage Proposal via A Message In A Bottle

Unique Marriage Proposal via A Message In A Bottle

When you are creating the perfect marriage proposal you need to consider the timing and location of how and when you’re going to propose. At The Black Swan Gondola Company we have you covered to ensure you have an amazing setting and the element of surprise on your side.

The Message in A Bottle Marriage Proposal

You’ll already be swimming in the good graces of your significant other for taking them on such a fun and romantic adventure, but then “what’s that bottle floating in the lake?” They open it and it contains a customized message from you that wins their heart forever. Your life will never be the same and we are honored to help play a roll in your special moment.

To take advantage of this unique marriage proposal experience please book online or give us a call today at 530.314.8866 and we’ll ensure everything is covered so all you have left to worry about is asking that special someone if they’re ready to spend forever together.

Let us help you spread the amore (love) in a way that will last forever!

A Surprise Proposal Message

The uniqueness of our Message In A Bottle experience is the surprise factor that it creates for your marriage proposal. Your significant other will not see it coming and you’ll have stolen their heart in one of your life’s biggest moments. We pride ourselves on bringing fun and romance together with our venetian experience, but this add-on will take your cruise to the next level.

If you want to be sure he or she says yes, then first say yes to us and book today! We know you’ll have the experience of your life and we can’t wait to help you make your dreams come true.

Grazie e spero di vederti presto! (Thank you and hope to see you soon!)

The Message in a Bottle highlighted in the news CBS 8 news story below at the 1:45 mark.

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