Marriage Proposal via Message In A Bottle

Marriage Proposal via Message In A Bottle

When you are creating a unique marriage proposal, you need to consider how unique it can get! At Black Swan Gondola, we have you covered to ensure you have an amazing setting with the element of surprise on your side!

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The Message in A Bottle Marriage Proposal

You’ll start your journey on an authentic Venetian Gondola in North County San Diego. The vibrant Sunset Cruise sets the stage while the sounds of Sinatra soothes the soul. 

Halfway throughout the ride while gliding through the lake, “what’s that floating over there?” Out from the water an empty wine bottle is picked from depths. Once opened, a personalized scroll falls out that will win their heart forever. We pride ourselves on bringing fun and romance together with our venetian gondola experience, but this add-on will take your cruise to the next level.

We have an array of different Gondola cruise options to choose from ranging from tranquil mornings until underneath the stars. With no corkage fees really bringing a smile to the face, feel free to bring your favorite bottle of wine or champagne aboard! A picnic basket full of goodies accompanying is more than welcome as well. Each gondola holds up to five guests if you wanted to include special friends to come along!

If you want to be sure there’s a yes, then first say yes to us and book today! You’ll have the experience of your life and we can’t wait to help you make your dreams come true.

Thank you and hope to see you soon!

-Black Swan Gondola

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To take advantage of this unique marriage proposal experience, check the calendar of availability here!

The Message in a Bottle highlighted in the news CBS 8 news story below at the 1:45 mark.

Let us help you spread the amore (love) in a way that will last forever!