Gondola Cruise Info & Pricing

Each Cruise Below is Coordinated with the Time of Day

Open up a bottle of wine (no corkage fee) as you enjoy a cruise on beautiful Lake San Marcos.  Admire North County San Diego’s gleaming sunsets as you relax and breathe in the fresh valley air.  A gondola cruise is a wonderful way to celebrate any occasion or to just get out on the water with your loved one!  Each cruise is accompanied by cups, wine bottle openers and an amazing Gondolier! Upgrade your cruise by booking for 2-hours! Explore more of Lake San Marcos and enjoy a longer Venetian experience.


Interested in booking an approx. 2-hour cruise? Please call us at 760.410.6820!

The Morning Special Gondola Ride

The SunUp Special

Our Morning Cruise

$99 for 50 min, $175 for approx. 2-hours



Start your day with a fun experience on the water. Great for parties ranging from 2-6, The SunUp Special is the perfect experience for a group brunch cruise or a daytime date. Bring some champagne (no corkage!) and apps or enjoy a bite at the restaurant next door to make a day of it!

Pricing includes a cruise for up to four

$20 for each additional person

Cruise duration is 50 minutes

The Venetian Gondola Experience | Gondola Company San Diego

The Venetian Gondola Experience

Our Classic Afternoon Cruise

$99 $125 for 50 minfor approx. 2-hours please call



The Gondola cruise where it all began. Our Venetian Gondolas were shipped directly from Venice, Italy bringing you the most authentic and romantic Italian experience in North County! A Gondola cruise is the perfect way to spend the afternoon. You can enjoy a bite before or after at the restaurants next door or bring your own treats to round out your experience. And remember, no corkage for your vino!

Pricing includes a cruise for up to four

$20 for each additional person

Cruise duration is 50 minutes

The Sunset Gondola Cruise | Sunset Boat Cruise

The Sunset Cruise*

Our Most Vibrant Cruise

$125 $155 for 50-min,  for approx. 2-hours please call


The most beautiful and romantic time of day on the water. Enjoy the vibrant color transformation of the SoCal sky as day becomes night while you cruise with your loved one. Cozy up to each other, enjoy some wine (no corkage) and relax as nature puts on a show for your viewing pleasure. This time of day is the epitome of the Italian phrase “Questo è Amore!” (That’s love!)

Pricing includes a cruise for two

$20 for each additional person

Cruise duration is 50 minutes

An Enchanted Evening Gondola Ride | North County San Diego Gondola

An Enchanted Evening Experience*

Our evening cruise beneath the stars

$125 $155 for 50 min.


Take your date night up a to new heights. This tranquil yet tantalizing cruise is the most romantic activity in all of North County San Diego! Surprise your loved one with a night they’ll be talking about forever as you tour under the evening sky. Also, consider dinner at Decoy, the restaurant next door, before or after for the perfect pairing on your romantic escape.

Pricing includes a cruise for two

$20 for each additional person

Cruise duration is 50 minutes

Cruises that do not qualify for any special passes or coupons have an*


We highly recommend purchasing your tickets in advance by booking online 24/7 or by calling 760.410.6820. Same day cruises are welcome, but availability is not guaranteed.

Book online or call 760.410.6820 today!


Message in a bottle Gondola experience

$35 $62

Romantic Gondola Experience


Scattered Rose Petals | Black Swan Gondola


Drone Footage of Your Gondola Cruise


Live Musician on Your Gondola Cruise


Venetian Gondola Blanket | The Gondola Company


We invite you to learn more about our enrichments!


If you are interested in having a gondola wedding and/or reception we ask that you give us at least two weeks notice. We love being a part of your special day and look forward to making it a moment that last forever. Click here to learn more!


If you’re looking for places to take engagement photos, Christmas card photos, Holiday photos or even pet photos, you’re in the right place! We provide you with a Venetian Gondola and Gondolier in the complete attire. Click here to read more!

Book online or call 760.410.6820 today!


Your gondolier will be ready at the scheduled time. If the guests arrive late the gondolier will do his best to give you as much of the allotted cruise time as possible, but will unfortunately need to be back at the dock before the start of the next cruise. The last thing that we at the Black Swan Gondola Company want to do is provide you with a shorter than normal cruise, but we have to be respectful of all our guests.


Once purchased, your trip is NON-refundable since your gondola is being guaranteed for the date and time that you choose. However, we do allow for reschedules at least 48 hours in advance. If you would like to reschedule your trip, please reach out to the Black Swan Gondola Company at 760.410.6820 and we would be happy to help you with your request. Rescheduling is subject to availability.

Specialty Cruises

Holiday Lights Cruise*

Our Most Festive Cruise

Regular Holiday Lights Cruises: $155 for UP to Four


Christmas and New Year’s Eve Pricing: $299 for UP to Four


$25 for each additional person

Valentine's Day Gondola Cruise

Valentine’s Week Gondola Cruise*

The Most Romantic Week of the Year

$165 For Cruise Up To Four Guests

**10pm and later cruises $299 and subject to availability


Our gondolas create a perfect, romantic and memorable Valentines Day! We have expertly crafted a Valentine’s Day experience for two that will make your significant other feel special and loved! Let the Venetian romance take over as you sit back, snuggle under the blankets, drink some wine (no corkage) and enjoy each other as we tour our beautiful lake.

February 11th – 17th, 2021 – Reservations Required

$25 for each additional person

Rent a Rowboat in San Diego

Valentine’s Day Love-Boat*

The Most Romantic Rowboat in San Diego County

$125 For Two Guests


Row your partner around the lake in the only romantic rowboat for rent in San Diego County. Bring the love this Valentine’s Day with the perfect, romantic and memorable cruise!

February 13-17, 2020 – Reservations Required